Christmas Gift Card Order – Sunday Dec. 1st

On Sunday Dec. 1st we’ll be placing our Christmas order for “Specialty Gift Cards”. These are cards other than the grocery cards which are available each week. Cards are available for many different restaurants, clothing stores, gas stations and department stores and make excellent gifts. And remember when you purchase a card you don’t pay any extra because we are able to buy them at a discounted price! It’s a great way to raise funds for St. Andrews! You’ll find the order form here.
The order form can be  printed out, completed and brought to the Gift Card table on Sunday or forms are available at the Gift Card table. You can also email your order to before Nov. 30th 2019. Please include all contact information in your email and please note that full payment by cash or cheque is required before your order can be placed.

We have a binder at the gift card table which shows the gift cards available in an easier to read format. You can view the binder here or drop by and take a look.

Can’t find the Gift Card you’d like on the order form? We may still be able to supply it. Please drop by the gift card table or email and we’ll try to get it for you.