Gift Card Program

Purchasing Gift Cards from St. Andrew’s Gift Card program is a wonderful way to help support your church!

Gift Cards for all major grocery stores, Tim Horton’s and Walmart are on sale every Sunday in the church hall after the worship service. The purchaser only pays the card face value since the Gift Card Committee purchases the cards at a discount, earning 4% in proceeds on each card sold.

Based on demand the Gift Card committee places an order for specialty Gift Cards with Avgen Incentives.  Avgen offers Gift Cards from a wide range of different clothing stores, restaurants, gas stations, hardware stores etc. and like the grocery cards there is no extra cost to the purchaser. These cards make excellent gifts for Birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions.

To view the complete list of specialty Gift Cards available from Avgen please click on the link below.

Christmas 2018 Gift Card Order Form

The order form can be  printed out, completed and brought to the Gift Card table on Sunday or forms are available at the Gift Card table. (The % column shows the amount of proceeds the church will realize on the purchase of each gift card.) We also have a binder showing Gift Cards available from Avgen at the Gift Card table. If you require more information about ordering gift cards from Avgen through St. Andrew’s, please email

We thank the many people who have given us their dedicated support since the program started in 2003. Since that time the program has raised over $43,000 for your church!