Larga Baffin House Mission 2017

Larga Baffin Ltd. is a company owned by Nunavut Shareholders that has a
contract with the Government of Nunavut. The clients of Larga Baffin are all
residents of Nunavut requiring health care services in Ottawa that are not
available in Nunavut. The indigenous peoples served are Inuit, First Nation
and Metis. Clients are flown from one of 12 communities in the Qikiqtani
Region: Iqaluit, Grise Fiord, Resolute Bay, Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet, Clyde
River, Qikiqtarjuaq, Pangnirtung, Kimmirut, Cape Dorset, Igloolik and Hall
Beach. The clients speak their native language which is Inuktitut. Their
native food is provided such as caribou, whale, seal, Arctic char, and other
seafood. Clients staying at Larga Baffin House located at 2716 Richmond
Road, Ottawa are transported to and from health care facilities and services
via Larga Baffin vans. Larga Baffin House is an invaluable and necessary
service that is a safe, secure place for our indigenous peoples of the far north
to stay when receiving prenatal, maternal and infant care, pediatric services,
cancer screening and treatments, surgical and medical procedures.
Besides our on-going collection of toiletries we at St. Andrew’s have
decided that one of our mission endeavours is to do an annual drive for a
specific item identified by Larga Baffin as a pressing need.

This year the need is for diapers from newborn to toddler size. We are asking that you consider donating a box of diapers or donating cash towards the purchase of diapers. We have a diaper bag available for you to place your cash donations in. Diapers will then be purchased with your donations. Donations toward this mission will be accepted through December 17th.

Larga Baffin House Basket

Our contributions to Larga Baffin House continue. Willie has
placed a basket in the hall for your contributions.
There is always a need for toiletries – shampoo, conditioner,
body soaps (liquid or bar), tooth paste and tooth brushes.
Baby diapers of any size would also be much welcomed
(newborn to toddler size).
Your continued support to this home-away-from-home for the
Inuit community is a great blessing.