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International Literacy Day (Sept. 8)
“Neither the students nor I were actually enjoying the lessons.” Inayatullah, a teacher at Zangue Girls School in Afghanistan, knew
his lecture-based teaching style was ineffective.
Since attending teacher-training workshops run by Presbyterian World Service & Development partners, Inayatullah has learned to bring life to his lessons.
After implementing more practical teaching methods, Inayatullah’s
pupils are engaging in group activities, participating in lively
discussions and better learning their lessons.
With a greater sense of ownership over their education, they are
gaining confidence, asking questions and voicing their opinions.
By improving the quality of education, PWS&D is helping more
children enjoy their studies and become leaders in their communities.
“This is a tremendous achievement for both the students and me,”
Inayatullah says with a smile.
PWS&D builds futures of hope for vulnerable girls

Pancakes and a Play
Last winter, the caring Sunday School class at St. John’s
Presbyterian Church in Toronto, ON, hosted a pancake lunch in
support of Presbyterian World Service & Development.
After reading a short play to illustrate PWS&D’s mission and
vision, the children invited guests to feast on pancakes and syrup,
yogurt and fruit as they passed around a donation basket.
“St. John’s Sunday School pancake lunch raised over $900 for
PWS&D,” shares Laurie McGugan, the event organizer. “We
were happy that we got so many people out!”
Whether saving pennies, launching a campaign or holding a
fundraising lunch, generous support from Presbyterians across
Canada sustains programs that are building a more sustainable,
compassionate and just world.
Faithful to our calling, we respond together