Presbyterians Sharing/PWS&D

Gifts of Change thru PWS&D
At Advent, as we celebrate God’s great gift of love, we also share our gifts
with others. These gifts help change lives in our Community, in Canada and
around the world.
When you choose a gift from the Gifts of Change catalogue you become
part of the bigger picture of hope and change that is happening through
the Presbyterian Church in Canada and our partners.
Bibles for prisoners, school fees for children and healthy food for families—every
gift is a gift of hope. Every gift changes lives.
More information, including a downloadable catalogue, can be found at

Hope Abounds
Cyclical PCC is a church-planting initiative within The
Presbyterian Church in Canada that encourages presbyteries
and leaders to take first steps towards beginning new
worshiping communities.
At the Spring 2019 Cyclical PCC Gathering, 46 leaders
discerned ways that the Holy Spirit is calling the PCC to plant
new ministries.
Not only are people interested in starting new worshiping
communities, but such communities are already beginning, and
there is a growing interest in taking part in this work.
The task of starting new worshiping communities belongs to
the whole denomination.
Please pray for the leaders already engaged in this work and
for new leaders as they discern their involvement.
Presbyterians Sharing is planting new ministries