Presbyterians Sharing

Receive the Holy Spirit
Today begins General Assembly – the annual gathering of commissioners from across Canada who meet together to worship and discuss, debate and vote on matters that affect our denomination.
This year’s theme is “Receive the Holy Spirit.”
Last year, a first-time commissioner shared, “I came home feeling very blessed and encouraged about our Church. I loved the music and the praise team. They added so much to worship. The speakers and the messages were just what I needed to hear. It was an incredible experience and one I would gladly repeat.”
Please pray for those gathered as they work together to plan the future of our church with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Presbyterians Sharing brings Presbyterians together
at General Assembly

Celebrating Indigenous Culture
Hummingbird Ministries is one of nine Presbyterian Indigenous
ministries in Canada supported by gifts to Presbyterians Sharing.
It is committed to bringing peace and healing to Indigenous
families living in BC’s lower mainland.
The ministry helps to restore hope by offering regular healing
circles; working with the community in art and celebration; and
providing educational and healing workshops, Bible studies,
children’s art and music programs.
Hummingbird Ministries also runs a children’s dance program
in which Indigenous children are taught traditional Metis dances.
Known as the Hummingbird Dancers, the children recently
performed at a festival in East Vancouver in honor of National
Indigenous Peoples Day, which recognized and celebrated the
rich cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Canada.
Presbyterians Sharing walks with Indigenous peoples