Presbyterians Sharing

International Women’s Day (March 8)
As we celebrate the achievements of women this International
Women’s Day, let us also reflect on the need to continue
working for futures of hope and opportunity for women and
girls around the world.
In many countries, women do not have access to education or
fair credit. They don’t have control over decisions made about
their health and well-being.
Too often, this inequality prevents women from making a
positive difference in their lives and empowering their families
and communities.
PWS&D is helping women claim their rights, access vital
healthcare, learn about nutrition, develop vocational skills and
achieve economic independence. Women’s empowerment is
critical to challenging poverty and building a more sustainable
PWS&D empowers women and girls

World Day of Social Justice (Feb 20)
In the community where Clara lives in rural Guatemala, many
people believe that women can’t be strong leaders.
As a result, Clara once lacked confidence in her abilities. This
all changed when she participated in PWS&D–supported
workshops designed to strengthen women’s voices at home and
in the community.
Clara now works as a treasurer and health commissioner with
organizations that are making her community a better place to
While fulfilling her passion for leadership, Clara is paving the
way for future generations of women to help build more
prosperous, just communities.
“We are highly grateful to PWS&D for supporting us in order
to significantly change the hard reality of oppression and
marginalization that exists.”
PWS&D promotes gender justice

A Miracle Of Abundance
Like those who witnessed Jesus feeding the five thousand,
members of the Northern New Brunswick Regional Ministry
have experienced a miracle of abundance.
The four separate congregations were each struggling in their
own way until they came together to grow as one.
Through Presbyterians Sharing, these partners in ministry are
now sharing their gifts in ways that enhance, inspire, and build
their communities.
One of the congregations with established gifts in youth
ministry recently sent a youth team to another ministry in the
region to help them run a Vacation Bible School.
What started out as a kind gesture ended up inspiring new
leadership and sparking a whole new children’s ministry
where there was none before.
This is just one example of how these congregations, through
gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, are growing together to share
God’s love.
Presbyterians Sharing shares the love of God

“I hope more people like me will be helped by this clinic”
While working at her tailoring shop in Nepal, Sita noticed her
hands were starting to feel numb and looked strangely white.
As the numbness worsened, Sita grew very sick and weak.
Unfortunately, the doctors she visited were unable to diagnose her
illness. The future looked a little brighter when Sita learned she was
pregnant and eventually delivered a healthy baby girl—but the
onset of a severe fever shortly after shattered her fragile hope.
Sita tried one last hospital where she was diagnosed with leprosy
and referred to the Presbyterian World Service & Developmentsupported
Banke Clinic for treatment.
There, a hopeful journey to recovery got its start. “I am getting
good treatment, nutritious food, and care from the staff,” reports
PWS&D responds to provide life-saving medical care

Called Into Relationship
Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing support the Rev. Blair and Vivian
Bertrand as they serve a three-year term with the Church of
Central Africa Presbyterian in Malawi.
Blair supports leadership development through the Blantyre
Synod’s youth department, Zomba Theological College and the
Theological Education by Extension program. Vivian’s desire is
to support the Synod’s work combating poverty.
Blair feels called to this mission, and shares that “to be sent is to
participate in the mission of God.” Vivian adds, “As Christians,
we are called into relationship. My understanding of mission
centers around the idea that we are all impoverished in our own
way, and as humans living in this world, through the grace of
God, we have something to offer our brothers and sisters.”
Presbyterians Sharing supports international mission staff

Equipping and nurturing future church leaders
Gifts to Presbyterians Sharing equip and nurture future church
leaders who in turn will equip and nurture others to witness
faithfully in the world. In 2017, 18 students graduated from our
three theological colleges – Knox College in Toronto, The
Presbyterian College in Montreal and Vancouver School of Theology
and St. Andrew’s Hall in Vancouver.
These colleges provide a strong academic and practical foundation to
prepare students to serve our congregations. The PCC supports
ministry candidates and their presbyteries as they work to discern
the candidate’s call.
In 2017, 16 candidates attended the PCC’s Guidance Conference,
which helps participants recognize their abilities, strengths and
weaknesses and develop a plan of growth as they move forward.
Together, we also encourage and support new clergy who have just
begun their ministries.
Presbyterians Sharing supports visionary church leaders