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Take the Advent Challenge!
During the Advent season, we celebrate God’s amazing gift— Jesus!
This gift changed the world. Inspired by God’s overwhelming
generosity, we too work to make a difference for our sisters and
brothers across the globe.
Each week of Advent, Presbyterian World Service & Development
challenges individuals and congregations to share the gifts of hope,
peace, joy and love with those living in some of the most vulnerable
communities in the world.
In the midst of poverty, injustice and disaster, the Christ light shines.
To help create bright futures through the Advent Challenge, visit
PWS&D is sharing the hope, peace, joy and love of Christ

 Thanks be to God!
Presbyterians Sharing supports the Rev. Dr. Paul McLean, a Bible
translation consultant working in partnership with The Presbyterian
Church in Taiwan and The Bible Society in Taiwan.
In a recent blog post, Paul writes: “Maelaanenge ki Twaumase!”
(Thanks be to God!) These words were repeated during the joyful 3-
hour thanksgiving service for the publication of the Ngudradrekai
Bible on July 11, 2017 at Kucapungane Presbyterian Church in the
mountain foothills of southern Taiwan. Nearly 30 years after The
Gospel first took root in Old Kucapungane village, Ngudradrekai
people now have the complete Bible printed in their own mother
language.” The Rev Peter Bush, Moderator of the 2017 General
Assembly, attended the celebration.
He shares, “To read the Bible in one’s mother language is to be
affirmed culturally as a people having value and it is to be called to
discipleship following Jesus Christ.”
Presbyterians Sharing equips people to read the Bible in their own language

Making Presbyterian connections
Presbyterian Connections is a new newspaper designed to unite
Presbyterians by sharing stories, reflections, interviews and
articles from across Canada.
By equipping leaders, connecting congregations and missions
and facilitating communication, the paper will help strengthen
denominational ties across the country.
Presbyterians are encouraged to subscribe, and stay connected!
After reading the first issue, one reader shared, “This
publication is just what we need to keep connected across the
country. I especially appreciated the very positive, hopeful and
encouraging vibe of this issue. Thank you!”
Presbyterians Sharing helps connect Presbyterians across Canada.