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World Food Day (Oct. 16)
Yemen’s four-year civil war has produced the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet and put thousands at risk of famine. Instability has disrupted food production and access, leaving women and men trapped in cycles of hunger, and children facing acute malnutrition. Staggeringly, conflict is named as the cause of acute food insecurity in 18 countries around the world. PWS&D responds to hunger by delivering food and nutrition assistance in times of conflict or disaster. In Yemen, PWS&D is supporting members of Canadian Foodgrains Bank to provide 1,100 hungry families with packages of flour, beans, oil, sugar and salt. “Hope has started to appear over the horizon,” says Wardan, who is relieved to be able to feed her daughters again.
PWS&D meets food needs in time of conflict

Presbyterians Sharing: Together we make a difference!
New church development.
International mission staff.
Theological colleges.
Healing and reconciliation.
Leadership development.
Congregational support. And so much more!
Today is Presbyterians Sharing Sunday, a time to celebrate the
impact our church’s mission and ministry programs are having
across Canada and around the world.
As we encourage and equip one another and teach about love,
faith and hope, we proclaim the good news of the Gospel.
Presbyterians Sharing puts faith into action