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Cooperatives Combat Effects Of Climate Change
Ever since the devastating Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti in 2016,
Lucsius faced his share of challenges.
His community in northern Haiti sustained weeks of heavy rains
that washed away his vegetable crop and caused his soil to become
degraded. The farmer wondered if he would ever harvest a good
crop again.
Lucsius’s circumstances changed when his farming cooperative
started receiving support from PWS&D partners. Along with 2,308
farmers in the region, Lucsius participated in workshops where he
was taught to use sustainable, organic farming techniques—like
using mulch and planting trees—to restore his soil’s fertility and
grow enough food, despite the effects of climate change. Lucsius has
been thrilled with the fruits of these newly discovered agricultural
PWS&D helps farmers improve lives and livelihoods

Bibi’s Healthy Family
In the village of Ziarat, Afghanistan, Bibi is mother to nine children.For many women like Bibi, having many children is partly due to a lack of access to information about family planning. Frequent pregnancies and limited healthcare facilities contribute to Afghanistan’s high maternal mortality rate. When a community healthworker from a PWS&D-supported health centre came to examine Bibi, the young mother learned about the benefits of child spacing. “I am advising other women in the village to adopt family planning methods as it is for the betterment of the family as a whole,” says Bibi. A woman’s ability to choose when to become pregnant helps families improve their well-being, increases economic opportunity and promotes gender equality.
PWS&D protects the health of mothers and children

Understanding The Past To Light The Way Forward
The Rev. Robinson Christian is a Doctoral student and a pastor in the Church of North India, a PCC partner. While researching material on the impact of the colonial legacy on preaching in India today, Robinson came across the Rev. Dr. Sarah Travis of Knox College in Toronto, author of “Decolonizing Preaching.” Robinson and Sarah began to correspond, and International Ministries invited Robinson to study in Toronto for two months. This is what mission is all about. Together we learn from the past, and God illumines a new understanding today. As partners in the Global Church, how can we not engage in these challenging conversations, learning from one another how God works through us?
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